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Reflecting on my journey


What my clients say about working with me.

What Clients Say

I hope to give you an insight into the positive experiences of my clients and the lasting results they have achieved. 

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"I don't often connect with people quickly but within a few minutes of talking with Ashleigh, I felt seen and heard for the first time. After feeling down for quite a while, I felt so comfortable and had an immediate burst of energy. Her energy is very calming and authentic and you can tell she truly wants to help. I'm really looking forward to continuing her program as I suddenly feel hope and optimism - and this was only after the introductory session!"

Female Client, 29

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"As a continuing client of Ashleigh, I recently needed a Grace Session (emergency session). Our session discussion led to a meaningful assignment to address what is limiting me and allowed me to identify my fears head on. With Ashleigh's guidance, the session left me feeling lighter, more self-aware, and at peace with my past. Having Ashleigh supporting and encouraging me in my healing journey empowers me to face past traumas and build the life I desire."

Female Client, 37

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"Working with Ashleigh was very smooth. She created an organic environment that made me feel extremely comfortable which enabled me to open up with no fear. Ashleigh was able to help me identify root causes for certain behavioral traits. We aligned on takeaways in between sessions which allowed me address my focus areas and work on potential solution strategies. Working with her has allowed me to consciously identify situations (either work or personal) when I may be feeling stressed or uncomfortable and how to navigate through that environment."

Male Client, 42

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"Ashleigh is an exceptional coach and has helped me through several transitional times in my life. Most recently I was at a crossroads with what I thought I was "meant to do" vs. what my true passion and purpose was pulling me towards. Through our coaching sessions I felt heard, understood, and supported. I also was challenged to tap into my truth and understand the why behind my thoughts through self reflection and evaluation exercises. I discovered a lot of what I was saying and thinking was based on what I was conditioned to think or learned thoughts, rather than what I actually thought and felt to be true. Ashleigh's soft but firm approach provides an instant safe space complemented perfectly with critical thinking and actionable tools.  I now have the conviction and confidence to move forward on a new path to create the life that aligns with my being and soul."

Female Client, 36

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"Ashleigh has a very warm personality that allows for easy conversation. What I appreciated most about our sessions was that Ashleigh introduced different points and perspectives to view my situation from. This allowed me to have a more positive outlook on things that I was going through at the time, while also helping me turn them into a learning lesson versus an issue. I have been in therapy before, but life coaching with Ashleigh had a different approach that almost felt like a motivational push at times."

Female Client, 25

Logo for the third testimonial

"I enrolled a family friend in Ashleigh's program because she needed help. She has been through a lot and was really struggling to move forward. After talking to my friend, she is SO happy with Ashleigh and it has only been two sessions. Whatever she does, it works. I could hear the joy and excitement about the future in her for the first time in years. It's really important work that she does, and we're both really glad we found Ashleigh"

Female Client, 55

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